Designing the Core of a Game

There are a lot of things to consider when designing a game – controls, gameplay, visuals, sound, narrative, user interface, target audience, and depending on the game, networking, databases, social aspects, and much more. However, the one that stands out is gameplay. Play is what separates a game from other forms of media like movies […]

What is g.R0b0?

g.R0b0 is a 2D level-based puzzle game targeting mobile, which is being built in Unity. In it, you play as a cute, little robot who’s only goal in is to reach an end gate to access a terminal. However, your path is blocked by a myriad of hazards – spikes, lasers, and even the vacuum of space. […]

A New Adventure Begins

Hello World! Yes, yes, I know, a lame programming joke, but this is my first blog post ever, so hi! Currently, my plans for this blog are to use it to talk about game design and the design process and maybe development process of my own personal game projects. The two I’ll be focusing on […]