Hi, my name is Steven Shing. I am an indie developer who graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology for game design and development in 2015. I amĀ aspiring to enter into the gaming industry, and have been creating games since my days in college. I may not have released a game yet, butĀ over these past years, I’ve gained a lot of experience on how to go about developing a game on your own. What to do and what not to do. It’s been a rollercoaster of an experience, but if anything, it has been an incredibly valuable learning experience.

I am a game designer, but I have a foundation built in programming. In particular, my specialties are level design, mechanics design, content design, and systems design. I am currently learning a lot about Unity and have fallen in love with the engine and the community. I am experienced in C# and Java when it comes to programming, but used to code a lot in Javascript.

My favorite types of games are tactics and strategy games, but I also love RPGs and League of Legends. If you ever want to talk about Fire Emblem, Pokemon, or League of Legends, I’d be happy to. I also love tabletop games like D&D.

My other hobbies are playing piano, composing piano songs, and recently messing around with sound mixing and DAWs. I like to go to comic, anime, and game conventions and you can usually find me in cosplay with a friend.

This blog is about games. I want to analyze different games as a whole, but focus mostly on various areas of design – mechanics, system, level, and so on. I also am going to talk a lot about game projects that I am working on (or would love to work on) myself, and going through my design process. I may also post theory crafts for builds for certain games, and why I think they’re effective. Thank you, and have fun!